Be Brave! 


I’m practicing being more brave.

In certain parts of my life I have no issue with taking risk, being courageous or making my presence known. However, there are some areas that have a sign up saying “Construction Ahead”. Lol.

It’s beautiful to see my flaws, be aware of my insecurities and acknowledge I have uncertainties, yet still love myself completely.

We are not perfect people, but we are beautiful. Our hearts beat. We each experience pain in some way or another. We all communicate with some form of language, music or physical expression. We are all sharing the same space, breathing the same air. We are beautiful unique balls of emotion, energy, creativity, ancestry – LIFE.


Oh, how beautiful it is to be a contributing burst of energy on our green planet.

When I put things in perspective; of how blessed I am to be present with each of you, I find that no matter where life takes me or what plot twist is sent my way, I remain grateful. Knowing that each day brings new opportunities to be a little braver, loving, progressive, understanding, and creative than I was the day before.

Usually, I normally do motivational Tuesdays, but this is a little something extra that was place on my heart this morning and I wanted to share it with you.

Shift your perspective. I hope that today you choose to be a little more braver, creative, hopeful, loving, and progressive then you were yesterday.

Happy Wednesday.

~Almedia Lee Exum


Author: Almedia Lee Exum

Writer | Actor | Poet | Free Spirit

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